E. C. Sullivan Art

Fine Art and Design by:

Elizabeth Sullivan

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2013-mural-1.jpg (250848 bytes)               The Elgin Murals, 2013

  Austin Cow Parade

    Horses Desert Run.jpg (117461 bytes)                      Chickens 2013-Lacy-and-Zap.jpg (158051 bytes)

Wildlife   giraffes III.jpg (64359 bytes)     heelers.jpg (209395 bytes) Cats and Dogs

     The Sea   Sea Horses II.jpg (92383 bytes)                             Birds     shells.jpg (26000 bytes) Art & Writings

Armadillo2-1.jpg (52556 bytes) Armadillos Art with Aidan

Pins-on-Hat.jpg (28828 bytes) Jewelry

 Murals, books, rugs and other stuff   Navajo Dance Rug.jpg (18593 bytes)


Commissions, licensing, workshops and lessons.


Email me at:  ECSullivanArt@aol.com

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