Yes, I do write and illustrate books!  I've done illustrations for many other authors, but here are three of the books that I both illustrated and wrote.

Amarilla Armadillo is a children's book about a mama armadillo who has four sons.  I did the paintings and wrote the text.  Originally I wrote it for my grandsons, but so many people requested copies, I published it and made it available.  $17.95.

Cat Chat is a collection of all the humorous paintings of cats I've done.  The text is email between Leigh Ann's cat Max in Arizona and my cat Punky in Texas.  They discuss things of importance to cats such as mice, food, naps and how to train humans.  The book is $17.95, available from me or on


In Search of Junonia - a Simple Guide to Shelling is a collection of my experience and knowledge of shell collecting and a collection of my paintings and drawings of shells.  I'm sort of a fanatic of walking on the beach and picking up shells.  I use every opportunity to schedule art shows near beaches so I can indulge myself in shell collecting.  I have way too many shells in my collection.  You need to buy my book and start collecting, too, so I won't have to keep them all.  $17.95.  Available from me or available on

The author - doing research for the book on shell collecting at Cape Canaveral, Florida! 

Other books I have illustrated:

Hannah and Molly by Jean Brenz

Campfire Stories - a collection of scary short stories by various authors (including me!)

Family books I have written and illustrated:

The Story of Orion - a history of the name of one of my grandsons.

Places in Life - a collection of recollections from my mother about places she lived.

History of the Sullivan Clan - begins in Ireland in the 16th century.

The Sullivan Dictionary - definitions of Sullivan children's words.

Ma's Memories and Ma's Memories II - collections of anecdotes from my mother.

Dear Diana - a pictoral history of my life written for my daughter, Diana.