Horned Lizards - original watercolor 8x10, $150

Also available as a matted print, $50

I started painting horned lizards because a patron who bought one of my armadillo paintings asked me to paint horned lizards.  He sent me links to websites about them, and as I remember them fondly from my childhood I began to paint them.  (The patron bought the first two paintings.) I realized I had not seen any around for many years, but right after I painted the first painting, one of my cats brought one in the house.  The lizard was very much alive, so I rescued him and set him free in an empty field.  Then another cat brought one in!  I also returned that one to the wild (my cats were not pleased).  These enchanting creatures are disappearing from the wild mainly because of fire ants - fire ants not only attack the lizards themselves, but eat red ants, which were the lizards main diet.  Since I started painting the lizards a year ago, I've heard numerous stories from art patrons who also remember them fondly from childhood.